«Autores» is the literary magazine in Spanish that has been published since 2022.
We edit the magazine in electronic and physical format.
It can be read in electronic format on our website in pdf. And also the magazine can be ordered on paper. We send it by mail.

In «Autores» magazine we publish articles on literature and art, prose and poetry of modern authors, literary translations, photographs, interviews and other very inspiring and aesthetic things.

We are willing to collaborate with young authors from Spain and Latin America to help them promote their works in the most attentive and convenient way.

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Rassvet is an aesthetic literary magazine that has been published in Donetsk since 2018.

The journal is published in electronic and printed form.
In electronic form, it can be read freely in pdf format.
In printed form, we publish the magazine on thick, high quality glossy colored paper, size 26×19 cm, laminated cover, book binding, on average about 100 pages. From Donetsk it is sent by mail to different cities of Russia. The journal is published once every three months.

Rassvet magazine publishes articles on literature and art, prose, poetry, and literary translations.

The journal is always open for cooperation with new interesting and talented authors from all over the world.

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